The Bill of Rights Explaned

bill-of-rightsThere has been a lot of discussion lately about the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution and what they mean. Since I took a Civics class in high school (and got an A) I thought, as a public service, I’d clear this all up.

The Supreme Court can use this cheat sheet, too.

1st Amendment

Right to say absolutely anything I want without anybody objecting or challenging me.

2nd Amendment

Right to have any kind of weapon I want and use it on anybody who challenges me…or even just for fun.

3rd Amendment

British soldiers can pound sand. They can’t stay in my house. They can check into a Motel 6.  And get off my lawn.

4th Amendment

Hands off my stuff.

5th Amendment

The Government can pound sand. I ain’t sayin’ nuthin.

6th Amendment

I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ until I talk to my lawyer.

7th Amendment

If you say I stole $20, I get to have a trial by jury, which will cost taxpayers millions. You still wanna go there?

8th Amendment

Any punishment the Government imposes on me is cruel and unusual. But on people I don’t like, it’s justice.

9th Amendment

I have no idea what this one means…something about the exercise of my rights should not deny rights to other people. I guess that sounds fair. Unless it violates my rights.

10th Amendment

States rule, not the Federal Government. Unless I don’t like what my State is doing. Then I rule.

Okay. Hope this clears it all up.

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